About Us

Steve Lowther - Owner
I grew up in the timber town of Philomath, Oregon. My mom was born in a
house, now a Mexican food restaurant, on Main Street. Her dad spent his
life in the woods. My dad, Stan Lowther, operated his own saw mill and a
logging company. My uncle, Rex Clemens, built and operated what was at
the time one of the largest lumber-producing mills in America. He also
built and operated a plywood plant in Philomath. Both of these men
acquired timber land over their lifetimes, which we are managing and
caring for today.
My dream has been to turn our logs into something special. The Oregon
Coast Range produces a unique forest of softwood and hardwood timber,
which grows large, straight and beautiful. To manufacture our own trees
into the best use for each individual tree is very exciting. Turning a large
maple tree, for example, into flooring for a family to enjoy for years is truly
a blessing. Getting the best cuts of vertical grain from a Douglas Fir to be
used for ceiling, siding or flooring makes it all worth the extra work.
We started with a new building and equipment, local workers, and a
desire for excellence. Our objective is not quantity but quality. By staying
low-volume, we can focus on precision-cut, durable and aesthetically
appealing wood products.
We truly love what we do and hope you will enjoy a piece of our forest in
your own home.
                                                               - Steve Lowther

Russ Sapp - Manager
Russ Sapp, General Manager Paw Lumber, has spent most of his life
working in the timber industry, producing logs and lumber for a
demanding public.
"I am optimistic about the role that this renewable resource plays
in the future economy of the region and of the U.S.A."
Paw Lumber is currently producing ceiling, siding and flooring that will
continue to be in demand for generations to come. Our lumber comes
from a forest that is being managed for future generations as well.
"I could not be happier and am very fortunate to be involved with Paw
Lumber. We are Christian based thinkers with old, traditional values to
guide our course."
Paw Lumber Co.
20209 Grant Rd.
Monmouth, OR 97361-8500
Phone: 541-929-8008
Fax: 541-929-8425
email: slowther@pawlumber.com

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